Citizens United Is Going To Court For Hillary Records Join The Fight For Government Transparency Today!

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Citizens United Is Going To Court For Hillary Records  Join The Fight For Government Transparency Today!

Citizens United has been forced to file 12 separate lawsuits against the State Department in federal court over its unlawful withholding of documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. 

We’ve taken action because our Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests for documents covering Hillary’s time at the State Department go unanswered by the government. 

What is the State Department trying to hide?  

And why won’t the Obama Administration prioritize transparency when it comes to taxpayer-funded public documents? 

The public has a right to know – even if it’s about Hillary Clinton!

Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

The FOIA process helps ensure transparency in government, and only through that transparency can we the people hold the government accountable. 

Help us keep the pressure on!

Thank you for signing this petition, we will keep you informed of our developments!

Thank you for signing this petition, we will keep you informed on the developments related this issue and additional content from Citizens United and the Presidential Coalition.



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Release the emails!
A crooked government is a crooked Country. And under the Obama/Clinton hookup, the USA is now an indisputably crooked Country.
The current regime in Washington DC is the most corrupt I have ever seen. There is a huge cover-up. From Benghazi to the Email Scandal it is clear how deep the corruption is. How inept is the American Public? We voted in a president to make history - The first African American President- and now a we will do the same because of sex. When will we actually put someone qualified to lead in the White House? When will honesty and strong leadership once again run our country?
Our government has been hijacked, with the support of their sycophants created by those wanting to take over our free democratic republic through years of anti-American propaganda.
It is my strong belief that a grass roots effort needs to be made to expose the corruption that is going on in the federal government in regard to the Hillary Clinton investigations.
I believe with no doubt that the Obama Administration, the US State Department, and other US GOVERNMENT agencies are covering up and hindering the investigation of Hillary Clintons actions.
I request that a full and honest investi gation go forward to discover the truth of Ms Clinton actions and bring her to justice.
William Burgener
A sad day for our nation when our legal system will not deal with public corruption and sadder still when citizens will support a corrupt leader to lead our nation as Presidebt
If any other federal employee shrugged-off requirements like she did, they would have been terminated. The Clintons have always been corrupt, shame on the Americans that support her. They are blind to a fault.
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